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2-RERW Rope Hoist
3-BLDN Rope Hoist
4-BLDN Fast Hoist
5-JZX Wire Winch
6-Mini JZX Wire Winch
7-TIGER Dual Speed Winch
8-Mini Electric Hoist
9-Trolley Electric Hoist
10-Wireless Remote Control
11-Rotary Hoist Frame
12-Bench Grinder
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Patent of Invention International Patent

-- Scaffold Electric Hoist
TUV/GS/CE Approval, A1 8000 full load cycles

Yongtian Scaffold Electric Hoist is an ideal hoist for builders and roofers alike with 30m-50m of usable rope.
Ideal lifting component for scaffolding and beams.

1, TUV/GS/CE/EMC Approval, EN-14492-2: 2019, A1 8000 full load cycles .
2, Automatic wiring mechanism & direction exchange device.
3, Power-off protection.
5, Up/Down limit device, anti-reverse winding device.
6, Emergency Stop Switch, Thermal Protection Terminal, Protection Class IP54.
7, Quick-lock hook for square and round tube installation.
8, Radio Remote Control, TUV/CE (RED) approval, >5000 life cycles.
9, Rated lifting capacity from 200kg to 800kg.
10, Rated cable speed has 8m/min or 22m/min.