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2-RERW Rope Hoist
3-BLDN Rope Hoist
4-BLDN Fast Hoist
5-JZX Wire Winch
6-Mini JZX Wire Winch
7-TIGER Dual Speed Winch
8-Mini Electric Hoist
9-Trolley Electric Hoist
10-Wireless Remote Control
11-Rotary Hoist Frame
12-Bench Grinder
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Patent of Invention International PatentYONGTIAN Lifting 
-- Scaffold Electric Hoist
TUV/GS/CE Approval, A1 8000 full load cycles

Yongtian Scaffold Electric Hoist is an ideal hoist for builders and roofers alike with 30m-50m of usable rope.
Ideal lifting component for scaffolding and beams.

1, TUV/GS/CE/EMC Approval, EN-14492-2: 2019, A1 8000 full load cycles .
2, Automatic wiring mechanism & direction exchange device.
3, Power-off protection.
5, Up/Down limit device, anti-reverse winding device.
6, Emergency Stop Switch, Thermal Protection Terminal, Protection Class IP54.
7, Quick-lock hook for square and round tube installation.
8, Radio Remote Control, TUV/CE (RED) approval, >5000 life cycles.
9, Rated lifting capacity from 200kg to 800kg.
10, Rated cable speed has 8m/min or 22m/min.

Horizontal installation
Simply mounted on the ground,it is an ideal solution for the lifting of building materials,and specially used in the winching on cargo shop,suspending banners and lamps at shopping malls and outdoor advertising.