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Patent of Invention International Patent

REROWHLD Electric Hoist
GS/CE/EMC Approval 
REROWHLD Electric Hoist is a new product independently developed by YONGTIAN LIFTING, especially for the material handing of aerial work or terrance and balcony lifting.
Innovation to use the rope traction driving a sheathed rope without rolling it up, giving your hoist long lasting life with low wear.
Any lifting height can be reached, no height limition.
1, Steel rope or Material rope is optional.
2, Any lifting height for your choice.
3, Patent design a self-gripping system replaced rope drum.
4, No squeeze, no mess, no damage to rope, longer working time.
5, Easy to change steel rope, reduced maintenance.
6, Lifting capacity from 100kg to 1200kg.
7, Radio Remote Control with high 100m range.